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Range Finder App by Hunt Geek

HUNTER'S VAULT: Inventory not only your guns, but your treestands, bows, optics and other valuable outdoor equipment with Hunter's Vault.

Hunter's Vault helps you keep your inventory of hunting goodies on your mobile device for quick reference or even a little bragging. It even serves a "grown-up" purpose by allowing you to email yourself a pdf document with the details of every item in your vault which you can quickly lock-up for safe-keeping or turn over to your insurance guru.

Hunter's Vault Features:
• Keep track of items using predefined categories & sub-categories
• Store multiple photos for each item from your camera or photo library
• Track all of your inventory at a glance with a summarized view
• Password protected launch screen to hide your stash from prying eyes.
• Flag items for show in photo gallery to highlight special pieces
• Generate a PDF report of your inventory

Check out Hunter's Vault on iTunes Store.

Range Finder App by Hunt Geek

TURKEY HUNTING TOOLBOX:The Official NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox has everything a turkey hunter could want in an app - and the NWTF receives a portion of the sales on every app sold!

Live turkey sounds, hunting tips and tactics, turkey sound ringtones, instructional videos and much more.

• Turkey sounds recorded from live wild turkeys
• Exclusive turkey sound ringtones
• Valuable turkey hunting tips and tactics
• Easily calculate the score of your wild turkey
• Wild turkey subspecies photos and descriptions
• Links to the various state wildlife agencies that regulate hunting
• Wild turkey subspecies range map

Check out NWTF Turkey Hunting Toolbox on iTunes Store.
Also availble on GooglePlay for Android

Range Finder App by Hunt Geek

PROPERTY MANAGER: Whitetail Freaks Property Manager is a "must-have" app for anyone who hunts!!!

Mark your property boundaries, treestand locations, food plots, trail cam set-ups and more! - Whitetail Freaks Property Manager tracks them all!

Property Manager is an organizational system built specifically for hunters. Mark your food plots, tree stands or blinds. Calculate acreage on your food plots, show overlays on your maps, filter map views to show only select categories of locations, and more!

Check out Property Manager on iTunes Store.
Also availble on GooglePlay for Android

Range Finder App by Hunt Geek

FFL FINDER :FFL Finder is an indispensable app that helps hunters and shooters locate FFL holders - our source of not only firearms purchases, but parts, repairs, ammunition, hunting and shooting gear and related accessories.

Imagine you are traveling and your firearm is lost, optics damaged, need ammunition, need repairs - and you need them NOW!

With FFL Finder, you simply open the app and instantly get mapped results of FFL holders near your location (via GPS) or by selecting an area on a map.

Check out the FFL Finder App on iTunes Store or GooglePlay

Range Finder App by Hunt Geek

Legends of the Fall RangeFinder was developed by hunters, for hunters. RangeFinder is a shot drop compensator that is optimized for bow or gun hunters shooting from an elevated position, across semi-level terrain at distances under 60 yards.

It helps compute target data to compensate for the increased height above the target, which tends to cause shots to be placed high.

With RangeFinder, you can place more accurate shots without the need for a costly rangefinder. Due to the effects of gravity, the steeper the angle of the shot, the greater the need for RangeFinder's uncanny ability to help you calculate the shot.

Check out the RangeFinder App on iTunes Store or GooglePlay

Knot Wars App by Hunt Geek
KNOT WARS: Based on the hugely popular segment from the North American Fisherman TV show, Knot Wars pits knots in a head to head battle to determine which knot you can count on in a fight. This app assembles all three seasons of the competition, bringing forty of the strongest fishing knots available to the palm of your hand.

Each knot has simple step by step narration and gorgeous animations that walk you through the tying process, but what really sets this app apart is the unique data on critical break strength accumulated through hours of repeated testing for the show.

Check out the Knot Wars App on iTunes Store or GooglePlay
Shooting Hours app by Hunt Geek
SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting Hours was developed by hunters, for hunters. Accurately calculate Sunrise and Sunset (and Shooting Hours) for turkey, deer, duck, or goose hunting or any activity where sunrise and sunset times are important. Use your mobile device to notify you of the opening of shooting hours and again when the day's hunt comes to a close. Shooting Hours was born from days spent in the field checking watches, looking for sunrise and sunset tables and constantly wondering if the information we remembered was accurate. Never again!
Simply download Shooting Hours to your device, adjust your settings to match your "Shooting Hours" and wait for Shooting Hours to vibrate your device (where available) to let you know when shooting hours have opened and closed.

Check out the Shooting Hours App on iTunes Store or GooglePlay

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