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Hunt Geek - About Us
Killer Geeks, Killer Apps: Even their Labs have lab coats. At Hunt Geek, tech-savvy outdoorsmen bring the things they love together.

Being both techies outdoor fanatics, Team HuntGeek cares less about bragging rights and more about helping outdoorsmen and other companies fulfill their vision and needs.

“We love big antlers as much as the next guy, but what really turns us on is killer hunting and fishing technologies that max out time spent afield,” says Jeff Hughes, Chief Executive Nerd for

While you were in your tree stand grunting and rattling, the geek gurus from were over in theirs writing computer code in their camouflage lab coats, calculating how to bring home more venison by hunting smarter, not just harder.

Obsessed? Absolutely. Unleash the Geeks!

“We just want to help people have fun in the outdoors,” says wizard Jim Stolis. “We’re here to put the kill back in ‘killer app.’”

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Jeff Hughes - Hunt Geeks Jeff Hughes Co-founder. Lead Dorkitecht

And for a Nerd, one sexy, sexy dancer. And you thought that guy with the taped glasses sitting behind you in the 4th grade would never amount to anything. Hughes has an obnoxiously broad creative background and a passion for hunting, fishing and Napolean Dynamite collectible action figures. Former Art Director for Cabela's, and the NWTF, Hughes also works for other decidedly un-nerdly clients like Wildlife Research Center, Hunt Masters, Whitetail Freaks, Gander Mountain, TruGlo, TenPoint Crossbows, Traditions Firearms and others. A veteran art director and designer, he has a flair for illustration, photography and X-Men comic books.  You shoulda been nicer to him back in school—he just might be the smoothest dork you ever met.
Jeff Hughes - Hunt Geeks Jim Stolis
Confounding Co-founder. Chief Enginerd. And Geek Army Commandant

Our resident whiz kid and MacGruber of nerd-dom: If you will come, he will build it. This is the guy you started brown-nosing instinctively in the late ‘90s when you figgered out “them internets” were not just a passing fad. With more than 20 years of pro computer industry experience, this geek knows more programming languages than Jamaica got mangos. Stolis wears an iphone like a six-gun, though he makes Spock look like a hipster. Born with a keyboard in his hands, computer code is his first language, English second. Stolis has dorked up creative solutions for everyone from high profile clients to mom-and-pop outfits, to that cute freckly girl that just wanted to cheat on her homework. Stolis knows a geek-ton of operating systems and platforms and obscure languages, including Klingon. If it runs on power, he’s tinkered with it.
Jeff Hughes - Hunt Geeks Dave Barry

Don't let the R2D2 tattoo fool ya. When the machines Rise Up as in the movie Terminator 3, well be glad this uber-nerd is on our side, sleeping well at night knowing he will simply reprogram the rogue robots in a matter of minutes to go fetch him a soda while he watches football. Wicked smaht huntgeek lieutenant and Droid-Master Dave Barry brings a galaxy of nerdly awesomeness to the team, creating Huntgeek apps that run on those other phones, the ones that dont start with an i. He'll make the time because he cares, whenever he's not too busy re-coding Decepticons to go wash his car while he chills on the couch with Megan Fox. Our hybrid superdweeb is computerifically ambidextrous, and his smart phone apps will save the planet for all those bold legions of freedom-fighter non-iphone hunters out there.
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